Trial set for attempted murder suspects in Ontario County

Eight lawyers later, the final scheduled pre-trial court appearance is concluded and the attempted murder case in the shooting of Michael Cosentino will start on Mar 11.

As the evidentiary hearing wrapped up, Erin “E” Rhynes made one last plea to Judge Craig Doran, who has patiently dealt with the disruptive defendant.

“I’m still waiting to see discovery evidence,” said Rhnyes, who complained that he has not met with his attorney since Dec 11. “I also request the media be precluded from the trial.”

The floor plan of the Ontario County courtroom will be set with Rhynes and his attorney David Morabito at one table, and co-defendant Timetheus Merritt and his attorney Robert Zimmerman at the next table. Ontario County First Assistant District Attorney Jason MacBride will be prosecuting the trial, which will be presided over by Judge Doran.

On Wednesday in court, counsel argued on the admissibility of the criminal history and the nature of the defendants’ relationship to the victim.

Police allege that Rhynes and Merritt were dealing cocaine and the victim owed the duo drug money. When Cosentino couldn’t pay his debt, they allege that Rhynes put three bullets in his head and that his clothes and a weapon were found in Merritt’s apartment.

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