Region still in the thick of flu season, doctors say they hope worst is over

Life can be crazy at times for busy mom Stacy Lupiani.

“I’m a mom of three, I’ve got one that’s in preschool and then two littler ones that are in and out of daycare,” said Lupiani.

But she says she never loses sight of protecting her family from the flu and as soon as flu vaccines are available, everyone get’s one.

“We do a lot of frequent hand washing, and just making sure that we got noses dry and keep them as healthy as can [be].”

In the past few years the Onondaga County Health Department says there’s been a decrease in cases at the end of February.

Dr. James Steinman at WellNow in Fairmount says it could be because young kids have a week off from germs at school.

But it could also mean kids can bring the virus back from vacation spots.

Dr. Steinman says he’s seen a lot of patients in their 30’s and young kids dealing with the virus lately.

“The influx of patients at this time of year for flu is probably at it’s highest,” said Dr. Steinman.

There’s also always a chance that cases could spike back up again in April or May.

“There are always new varieties of the flu coming through, new types, that may not be covered by the vaccine that was generated a year ago or two years ago,” said Dr. Steinman.

Either way, Stacy Lupiani says she’s committed to keeping her kids as germ-free as possible.

“I just hope other parents are doing the same with their children I know that it’s difficult to try and keep all the little ones organized but if everybody does it then we can all stay safe together,” said Lupiani.

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