Penn Yan Academy Drama Club presents Tuck Everlasting

Take a trip to Treegap, New Hampshire this weekend as the Penn Yan Academy Drama Club presents the hit Broadway musical Tuck Everlasting.

Tuck Everlasting, based on the beloved novel by Natalie Babbitt, follows the story of 11-year old Winnie Foster (Junior Genevieve Elliott) who feels stifled by the expectations of her mother (Junior McKelvie Jensen) and grandmother (Sophomore Riley Dallos) to behave as is expected of a “good girl” in the 1890s. Feeling that she can’t live like this anymore, Winnie goes exploring in her family’s woods and encounters Jesse Tuck (Senior Noah Detar), a young man with whom she shares a kindred spirit for adventure.

There is more to Jesse than meets the eye, though, and Winnie soon finds herself wrapped up in a series of extraordinary events when she learns the amazing and dangerous secret that the Tuck family has been hiding for nearly 100 years.

While Mae (Junior Camryn Webber), Angus (Junior Collin Cummings), and Miles Tuck (Senior Paul Gaston) worry that their secret is finally out, Jesse and Winnie plan for a future full of new and wonderful experiences that they can share. They quickly find their plans in jeopardy, however, as they are tracked by the town’s constable (Senior Spencer Christensen) and his deputy, Hugo (Junior Jacob Eskildsen), and pursued by the nefarious Man in the Yellow Suit (Senior Owen McFarland), who has been trying to solve the mystery of the Tucks for most of his life. Audiences can expect to take a journey they will never forget as they witness this story of love, family, and the search for what it means to be truly alive.

Tuck Everlasting also features a strong vocal and dance ensemble, including Jenna Compton, Jeremy Fenton, Madison Flynn, Kaley Griffin, Mary Gulick, Meredith Hanley, Jayden Hollister, Massan Jensen, Amelia LeVea, Madeline Martini, Keuka Miranda, Lenitza Ochoa, Lauren Schilling, Alexia Strong, Samantha Trank, and Grace Worth as well as a Youth Chorus comprised of students from Penn Yan Elementary and St. Michael’s school.

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