Local mom helps others through pregnancy loss

Most people didn’t talk about miscarriage a generation ago.

That’s changed somewhat but as one local woman found out, it’s still an awkward subject for many people — and always painful for those going through it.

When you say you’ve had a miscarriage, people often don’t know how to react, said Jacky Crane of Bristol. She also discovered after losing a pregnancy just how common it is — and the comfort you feel from those offering support and understanding.

Jacky and her husband Joe lost their first pregnancy in March 2016. Closing in on 12 weeks and a due date of Oct. 11, Jacky and Joe were making plans. They were starting to set up a nursery at their home on Silvernail Road, purchasing baby items, and learning all they could about what to expect when you’re expecting. They had a name for the baby, Ben. Jacky had a strong feeling they were having a boy, and so, it just felt natural to call her baby bump, “Baby Ben.” While everything seemed to be going well and Jacky felt fine, at a routine checkup in late March Jacky’s primary care physician couldn’t detect the baby’s heartbeat. An ultrasound at Thompson Hospital confirmed the heart had indeed stopped and the baby was no longer developing.

“I was completely shattered,” said Jacky. She didn’t know what to do. Joe said he was at a loss, too. “You feel the pain your wife is going through,” he said.

A soft blanket from her sister, Haley Bickel, went with Jacky two days later as she was rushed to Thompson Emergency Department with heavy bleeding. Nature had taken its course. At Thompson that night, obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Robert Scott was on call. Jacky said she won’t forget how Dr. Scott and others helped her through it.

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