Life-saving work honored in Ontario County

Police, first-responders, medical staff and others who were instrumental in helping people whose lives were in jeopardy were honored last week by the Ontario County Safety Council at its 56th Annual Awards Banquet and Dinner at Club 86 in Geneva.

Recipients of the Life Saving Award — presented to a person or persons who prevented or thwarted a life-taking accident — included those involved with the following incidents:

‒ On June 22, 2018 at 2:24 p.m. a man carrying a large stick was spotted by an off-duty officer, Vince Delforte, and identified as a self-harm safety risk. The man fled, running toward the railroad tracks near West Avenue in Canandaigua when Officer Michael Cole attempted to talk with him. Sgt. Scott Kadien arrived on scene and was in close proximity to the male. Kadien attempted to stop him in any way he could, trying to pull him down to the ground and wrapping his arms around his legs as the male attempted to break free to jump over the railroad bridge railing, down to the roadway below.

With the assistance of Officer Anthony Liberatore and Lt. Scott Ferguson, they were able to safely pull the male away from the railing and into police custody. Other officers that were on scene included officers David Demchuck, Matt Nielsen, Brian Parkison, Det. Peter Mastracy and two deputies from the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office.

If not for the actions of Kadien — who sustained a dislocated shoulder during the tussle — the person likely would have jumped, causing death or serious injury. Kadien was nominated by Lt. collaborative effort by many, but if it were not for Sgt. Kadien’s selfless actions, the male in question would most likely have jumped to his death or suffered an extremely serious injury. Unfortunately Sgt. Kadien sustained injury during the tussle with the male, a dislocated shoulder. For his quick actions at preventing or thwarting a life-taking accident, Sgt. Scott Kadien was nominated by Lt. Ferguson for the award.

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