Peeps ale has some hop in Canandaigua

On occasion, the mind of a beer maker wanders on the job, just like everyone else’s does.

Take Phil Platz, the founding head brewer at Young Lion Brewing Co.

Just about a month ago, Platz was doing some accounting-type work, he said. The life of a beer maker isn’t solely lagers, sours and pilsners — he has to do office work, too.

And it dawned on him that Easter was approaching. Hmmm — what to brew to mark the holiday?

And what to make it with, chocolate bunnies? Jelly beans? Nah.

Only this would do — Peeps. Yes, Peeps, the marshmallow candy chicks and bunnies that come in all sorts of colors and are made of sugar, sugar and more sugar (and probably a few other ingredients).

A search of the internet shows Peeps have been used in recipes for S’mores, popcorn, cookies — and even to infuse vodka. Soon enough, you can add ale to the list.

“We try to do something new, off the wall,” Platz said.

A small batch of a Peeps ale is expected to hit the Young Lion taproom on Lakeshore Drive on Wednesday. As unlikely as a Peeps beer sounds, Platz is confident this will be a hit.

“I’m pretty sure it will be gone by Easter Sunday,” Platz said.

There may be something to his prediction.

Tanya Youngman, who handles events and marketing for Young Lion, teased the soon-to-be tapped ale on social media, and the Peeps tweet and Facebook post generated a lot of interest.

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