Proposal would fine dog owners for not immediately removing waste deposits

When Fido dumps one on somebody else’s lawn, you'd better be ready to immediately remove it. That’s just good neighbor relations.

And, if the Naples Village Board passes a proposed dog law, not bagging those dog deposits could also cost you — first offense, a fine of at least $50; second offense, a minimum of $75; and up to $100 or more for each subsequent offense within 12 months.

A public hearing on the amendment to village code is set for next Wednesday, July 17, at 6:50 p.m. at Village Hall. The law was drafted after residents complained about dog feces in their yards and other places around the village. Mayor Brian Schenk said residents have also complained about dog business on village sidewalks.

Specifically, the “Prohibited Activity” reads: “It shall be unlawful for any person owning, harboring, keeping, or having the custody and control of a dog to suffer, permit, or allow such dog to commit any nuisance by defecating upon property of the public or of another unless such person shall immediately pick up after the dog and properly dispose of the dog’s feces.”

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