$69 million fund boosts grape genetic research at Cornell

The Finger Lakes are known for their vineyards but the sun shines on this one a little differently.

Lance Cadle-Davidson, Grape Pathologist USDA-ARS says, “Here, we’re standing in the national grape collection. About 1400 types of grapes collected from around the world and grown in one vineyard.”

It’s part of Cornell AgriTech’s grape genetics research lab in Geneva.

Bruce Reisch, Professor of Grapevine Genetics/Breeding at Cornell University says, “This is really Noah’s ark. It’s a living collection of grape diversity from around the world and what I like to say is this it’s my candy store. When I’m shopping for traits that would really be useful in NY and beyond, they’re out here.”

This is where scientists from Cornell and the United States Department of Agriculture create new grape varieties.

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