Episode #26: A Sunday Conversation with Ian Smith discussing the health of Seneca Lake

While officials are working overtime across the state to understand harmful algal blooms, or HABs, a variety of other water quality issues are present. In the Finger Lakes, protecting water quality is crucial – not only because of the economic impact – but the fact that the region relies on local water sources for drinking.

Ian Smith, who was named Seneca Lake Watershed Steward earlier this year, is still learning each day what that role means – but his goal is clear: Help those who work to protect, and live around-and-within the Seneca Lake watershed.

Smith was featured in this week’s Sunday Conversation inside the FingerLakes1.com Studio. He discussed his role, the biggest challenges facing the region environmentally, and what we know about those issues – even as a lot remains unknown about harmful algal blooms.


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