Top Tourist Destinations to visit in Ontario

With ample adventures, festivals and buildings, Ontario is one of the most popular provinces in Canada to attract tourists from all over the world. The vast expanse of pristine sceneries, lakes, waterfalls and natural attractions offers Ontario unlimited opportunities for travel, fun and adventure. Check out these places if you are planning on visiting Ontario in the coming years.

Cyprus Lake Grotto

Looking for a photogenic place in Ontario for those epic Instagram posts? Try out Cyprus Lake Grotto where you can snorkel and swim in caves! This huge cave was formed by the continuous pounding of the waves from Georgian Bay for thousands of years. Stay prepared as the destination involves a 30-minute hike and a 12m climb down over a rocky open cliff. The crystal-clear lake truly feels like an alien zone which is unlike anything you have ever seen.

The CN Tower’s EdgeWalk

Looking for an adrenaline rush albeit a nail-biting adventure at Omnia Casino? How about looking down at your death? You need to visit the CN Tower in Canada. If you are one of those people who love to live on the edge, the glass floor (which is 113 storeys above the ground and 2.5 inches in thickness) is your best bet. If you want more, you can go up another 33 storeys to the SkyPod observation for an amazing view of the city. But, what will blow your mind is the Edge walk where you will be strapped on to a harness and left wandering outside the tower with nothing but the air and the ground. If you are afraid of heights, this is not for you. But if you love to seek thrill and excitement, nothing can beat the feeling of telling your friends that you have done the highest hands-free walk in the world.

Websters Falls

This curtain style waterfall has a lawn picnic area as well as limited access lookouts which makes it perfect for travellers who are looking for a place with fewer footprints. Try to get early as the peak gets crowded during the summer peak seasons. The falls are actually closed off so you have to climb over a metal post fence to access the steep/slightly dangerous short hike down to the falls. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Hamilton Area, Websters Falls was chosen as the prime filming destination for the 2005 sci-fi movie Descent.

La Cloche Mountains

You might be wondering what’s special about the mountains? Well, the La Cloche Mountains are formed of sparkling white quartzite which resembles something sprayed by a glittery coat of paint. If you are new in Ontario, take a tour to the Killarney Provincial Park to get the best view of the mountains. If you fancy quality time and trekking, you can take the 100-kilometre La Cloche Silhouette loop trail to get close to nature.

1000 Islands

If you don’t mind a historical site with ample scenic views, then head over to the 1000 Islands region located on the St. Lawrence River. Take a ride on the boat and hear stories of politicians, pirates, elites living in extravagant mansions and more. If you love adventure, then you can have outdoor options like scuba diving, canoeing, over 30 pubic golf courses and kayaking. Want more? How about marvelling at the 19th-century limestone architecture around the streets? With ample local cuisines, this place is a haven for tourists who are looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy.

Lake of the Woods

This is another place for tourists looking for a serene environment with pristine wilderness and amazing scenic settings. The lake provided a westward passage for voyageurs and trappers during the 1600s. Based on the populated provincial borders of Manitoba and Ontario, Lake of the Woods is the perfect choice for those planning on roaming around the backcountry. People from all over Canada come to this place for fishing and the place is full of outdoor recreational options like boating.

And, that’s all folks!