Child Victims Act opens one year window for survivors, starting this week

No matter how many years have passed, people sexually abused as children will be able to sue the person responsible. On Wednesday, a one-year window for victims will open as part of the Child Victims Act.

Jennifer Nadler was just 12 years old when a family member sexually abused her. But when she was ready to say something, 14 years later, the statute of limitations ran out.

“At the time, I wasn’t focused on a civil suit. I used to say to my therapist that I would sue him for a dollar. Not because I want his money but more because I want everyone to know what he did and somehow hold him accountable,” Nadler said.

For the rest of time, the Child Victims Act extends the statute of limitations. Criminal cases can now be reported until the victim is 28 years old. For civil suits, until the survivor turns 55 years old. But for one year, starting Wednesday, a lookback window opens where victims can sue no matter how long ago the abuse happened.

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