Auburn man who leases spaces for ‘Genesee Beer’ sign explains why some lights are out

Mike Speno owns an iconic music store in Downtown Auburn, but he might be even better known for the “Genesee Beer” sign that sits four stories up.

That notoriety comes with complaints.

For 67 years, Speno’s family has leased the space to the Genesee Beer company for the sign.

People have called the Your Stories line, complaining that chunks of the sign’s lights are out, making some letters not completely lit.

Speno tells NewsChannel 9, “I get tons of Facebook comments, emails to the store, asking, ‘When are we going to restore this? Is this going be ready for tourist season? Is it going to be ready for the upcoming Christmas season?’ I wish it was ready now.”

Speno says the outages are caused by birds who chew through the rope-style lighting and wiring.

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