How To Spend A Long Weekend In Finger Lakes In Style

For the past couple of years, most families have been pretty low-key when it comes to holidays and vacations. Sure, some families still get together on Christmas and Thanksgiving and share the traditional meal, but do you really go all out like you used to? Do you put up the decorations that you used to? Do you still take the time to prepare and cook those specialty dishes? Do you still take the time to include the whole family on your vacation? Whatever the situation is, there is simply no denying that the times have been relaxed when it comes to vacations and holidays.

Sure, this has a lot to do with money and some of it has to do with people getting out of touch with each other. Enjoying each other’s company and spending a whole weekend together doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to travel out of the country or even out of state. Just look at how the residents of Finger Lakes can spend an entire weekend in bliss.

The Nature Lover Getaway

There is no denying that Finger Lakes is a truly amazing area with a lot to offer. Regardless of your interests or styles, you won’t have a problem finding something to match your mood. Just look at Watkins Glen. The area is highly known for both racing and waterfalls. Who could resist either? Racing and waterfall chasing are two activities that can be enjoyed outdoors and this is just a few of the amazing outdoor activities that Finger Lakes has to offer.

Anyone can spend an entire day or afternoon hunting out waterfall around the area. The Watkins Glen State Park, of course, will be a must for any nature lover and offer plenty of scenic views along with cascading waterfalls. If you like getting a treat without all the hard work then you might want to venture over to Shequaga Falls or Havana Glen Park. Shequaga Falls can be accessed without any hiking and Havana Glen Park is just a short walk.

The Weekend Getaway For The Gambler

Even if you aren’t a dedicated gambler, you have to at least spend a few hours or an entire day in a Finger Lakes’ casino. What would be a trip to New York without at least placing a bet or sitting in on a hand or two? You will have a variety of choices like the Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack, which is located right in Farmington, New York. The establishment is home to exciting horse races 160 days a year coupled with a massive 44,000 square foot gaming room. With live entertainment, 5 restaurants and bars, and daily happy hour specials, you won’t have a problem occupying your time.

While Finger Lakes is home to plenty of great land-based casinos, there is no set rule that says you can’t take advantage of online gambling sites like sbobet while you are in the area. In fact, you can play games and make bets right from your smartphone or tablet while your family is occupied with shopping or other activities.

The Foodie Getaway

Who doesn’t love trying new cuisine? It is probably the cuisine that is one of the most exciting things of any trip. Who would travel all the way to New Orleans without trying some real, authentic crab or crawdad? Well, just because you aren’t traveling out of state or even out of town it doesn’t mean that you can’t experience exotic foods. This is especially true in the Finger Lakes area. The area is home to some of the exotic and well-known local eateries.

In Watkins Glen, the CRAFT Wine + Cider Bar is a must for any foodie. Not only is the wine and food amazing here, but the company is just as enjoyable. If you are lucky enough, you might even end up sitting at the bar and chatting with the owner, who frequently visits the restaurant. Speaking of Watkins Glen and good eating, you have to check out the mushroom farm tour at Hawk Meadow Farms. The owners of the establishment will walk you through their process of growing and harvesting shiitake mushrooms. When you see the work that goes into this one ingredient, you will have to have a whole new appreciation for the mushroom.