Does a new roof mean a new name? SU’s season ticket packets leave off references to ‘Carrier’

When the Carrier Dome gets a new roof, some season ticket holders are wondering if the stadium will get a new name.

When football season ticket holders went to their mailboxes over the weekend, they found their season ticket packets. But instead of being mailed from the “Carrier Dome,” the return address label simply read “Dome Box Office.”

Inside the envelopes, an information brochure referred to the stadium as the “Syracuse University Dome” or, in some cases, just “the Dome.” The tickets referred to it as “Our House.”

The only reference to Carrier was the website “”

A spokesperson for Carrier tells NewsChannel 9 that the company will discuss what happened with Syracuse University.

Season ticket holders are wondering if the removal of the name Carrier from the packets means the “Carrier Dome” name won’t survive the $118 million renovations.

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