Imagine getting 33 robocalls in an hour: Local family talks about their experience

How much do you hate robocalls?

All the major phone companies signed a pact with state attorneys general and the federal government to put a stop to them. It could have helped one local business on Thursday.

Their records show one robocall every two minutes. And News10NBC was at the business counting the calls on Friday.

It happened at the Bird House in Pittsford. We asked the manager to go through each call.

“12:36. 12:38. 12:39,” said Patti Pirz, counting off the calls saved on the business phone. “12:41. 12:46. 12:50. 12:53. 12:54.”

“It was kind of funny for the first half an hour,” said Pirz. “You’re like – okay this is silly. I can’t believe it’s every two to three minutes. But by the end of two hours, I was kind of shaking.”

In just one hour, Pirz says 33 robocalls came into the office phone at the Bird House on Monroe Avenue. She says the calls continued for another hour. It was only her and one other employee at the time so every single call took them away from work and a customer.

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