Seasonal lakeshore homeowners left out of flood relief aid

After another season of record-high lake levels, the damage in front of Rick Davis’ waterfront cottage is visibly frightening.

“As we lose this bank, you can see, it’s inching closer and closer to the house,” said Davis.

This year’s historic flooding caused erosion and devastation to many coastal homeowners, including Davis. He pointed out the holes left behind in his breakwall.

“Last year this was all filled with rock, but because of the wave action it actually pulled all the little rocks out of here,” he said. “You can almost fit a small body inside of that hole. What happens is because it’s sitting empty these big rocks might fall into the lake and once that happens then we’re jeopardizing our home again.”

Two years ago, high water levels completely washed away Davis’ yard. His home was nearly swallowed by Lake Ontario.

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