Bill filed would target drivers who don’t pass, but cruise in left-lane

If lawmakers take up a recently filed bill, it could soon become illegal to “cruise” in the left lanes of any interstate in New York State.

“Each lane has its purpose,” said Eddie Vasquez, a security professional in the school bus industry. “People should know.”

Vasquez, who spoke with Spectrum News during a quick break at the Plattekill rest area on the Thruway, typically does a lot of driving and said he sees many misuses of the left lane.

“If you’re in the left lane going an average speed, cruising or going slow than the speed limit and someone’s trying to get by you,” Vasquez explained, “now you’re causing that driver to move over and to possibly have to force somebody else to move over. It’s like a domino effect.”

The new legislation addresses what the bill’s writer called “Left Lane Obsession.”

Senator Joe Griffo (R-Rome) filed the bill, S6675A, just before the legislature recessed for the fall. Griffo said the overuse of the left lanes of interstates leads to bottlenecks, safety hazards and aggravation of other drivers.

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