Jim Boeheim discusses deadly crash in new issue of Esquire magazine

The cover reads “Jim Boeheim’s First Interview Since the Crash That Claimed a Man’s Life.”

The October 2019 issue of Esquire magazine features an eight-page article with the Syracuse men’s basketball coach. It’s his first in-depth interview since he was involved in a deadly crash in February.

Boeheim does not address the crash until the last page of the article after the reporter, Tom Chiarella, hesitantly asks him.

Boeheim says “The crazy thing is, I’ve had 500 emails, minimum, perfectly serious, more than 500 emails from people that had the same thing happen to them. The testimony, the inquest, or whatever, it’s hard. And it should be hard. They looked into it. Every minute was accounted for.”

The night of February 20, Boeheim was driving home from dinner at Joey’s on Thompson’s Rd. after the team played at the Dome.

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