Local limo company says they can’t make riders wear seatbelts despite NTSB report on Schoharie crash

The National Transportation Safety Board released its report on Wednesday surrounding the deadly Schoharie limo crash that killed 20 people last year.

The report says that lap and shoulder seat belts should be installed in all passenger seats in limos and also installed in all new vehicles modified to be used as limos.

Carrie Curtis, the owner of Walkabout Limousine in Tully, says that she’s read through the report a few times.

“The gray line I’m seeing is are they requiring us to install them in a vehicle of this nature, and they’ll retroactively fit,” Curtis says.

Curtis says that last year’s tragic crash made her think of two stretch limos that she has in her fleet.

Since the crash, clients have been asking for more safety details about the limo they plan to take.

While Curtis says that they provide prospective customers with inspection and driver information, they can’t force anyone to wear a seat belt.

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