Yates family vows not to give up after vaccine exemption denied again

Carl Schwartz withdrew his lawsuit against BOCES 1’s principal and school doctor after his son’s exemption from vaccines had been denied. But Schwartz is not backing down.

Schwartz will give the principal and school doctor another opportunity to review Thorn’s case and let him come back to school.

Thorn is 11 and has severe autism. His doctor says vaccines cause infections and a worsening of Thorn’s conditions.

Thorn had an exemption for the past three years, but this year the school doctor denied the exemption saying it didn’t meet the new state guidelines.

If BOCES 1 doesn’t let Thorn come back, Schwartz says he will file a new lawsuit.

Schwartz says he’s received numerous calls and emails from parents across the state whose children have also been sent home from school when their medical exemptions were denied. He says doctors, not lawmakers, should decide the impact of vaccines on children because there are ailments worse than measles for children like Thorn.

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