WSTM and WCNY TV have temporarily stopped over-the-air broadcasts on Tuesday for repairs

WSTM Channel 3 and WCNY Channel 24 went off the air Tuesday for viewers who watch with an antenna, but it’s not a permanent shutdown.

The over-the-air signals for the two television stations went down while technicians made upgrades to the broadcast tower they share south of Syracuse. Viewers who watch via a cable or satellite television service were not affected.

Vinny Lopez, chief engineer for WSTM, said upgrades are being made to the station’s 805-foot-tall tower off Sentinel Heights Road in Onondaga in preparation for installing a new antenna.

Viewers who get the stations over the air can expect random daily outages during daylight hours until the new antenna is installed and operating, he said. The stations’ signals will be back up in the evening because the tower work cannot be done at night, he said.

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