Accused murderer back in Yates County Jail, will cost taxpayers $8K per month to house

The 38-year-old man accused of murdering his mother and killing her dog in August 2018 is back in Yates County.

Paul Khouzam, 38, who was charged with second-degree murder and other felony charges has been returned to the Yates County Jail, according to an update provided to the Yates County Legislature by District Attorney Todd Casella.

Khouzam was returned from the Rochester Psychiatric Center’s Regional Forensic Unit the day before, after they determined he was fit to proceed. He was sent there after Judge Jason Cook ordered him committed on April 9 after two independent psychiatric reports ordered by the court, conducted by Dr. Hoyt and Dr. Reynolds, according to The Chronicle-Express.

Khouzam was committed to the New York State Commissioner of Mental Health. He was ordered to be held for a year, suspending his case for that period of time. As it was suspended, the $1 million bail remained in place.

Yates Sheriff Ron Spike says it will cost taxpayers $8,000 per month to house Khouzam at the jail. Most of that will come in form of overtime.

Khouzam is scheduled for additional court action later this month, according to the Chronicle.

Check out the original story from The Chronicle-Express.

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