People with the flu can spread virus one day before any symptoms show

Doctor Melanie Conolly’s family practice office in Spencerport received their flu vaccines in the office at the end of September.

As of last week, her office administered 500 doses of the flu vaccine.

“We’re getting a lot right now,” said Melanie Conolly, a family medicine physician with Rochester Regional Health. ” Mid-October is generally the best time to get your flu shot, so now people are really starting to come in.”

Retired registered nurse Judy DeRycke was one of them. She recalls a time she didn’t get her flu shot in time and got the virus.

“Cold, shaky, I couldn’t even stand up, I was so weak. I finally drove home 45 minutes, I had to use two hands to get up the stairs, I was that weak and I went to bed, it was like 15 hours later that I woke up and I was just ready to die, that’s how you felt. So if a shot can prevent that, I’m all for it,” DeRycke said.

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