Seaplanes from NYC landing in Canandaigua for new hotel? It’s a possibility, if demanded

In an effort to attract visitors from the New York City area, the owners of the new Lake House on Canandaigua will experiment with bringing people from the Big Apple by seaplane, the Finger Lakes Times reports.

It’s an unusual move, which carries a lot of uncertainty – despite the excitement around the project on Canandaigua Lake.

“We have no idea how this will go. It all depends on demand,”Doug Bennett told the Times. He’s the project manager for the build. “If there is demand, we will offer it. If not, it won’t happen.”

During the summer waters are often congested. Private boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boarders, anchored boats, and The Canandaigua Lady tour rides are all competing for the same space.

“Safety will be paramount,” Bennett added to the Times. “The pilot will make an initial pass over to see if it is safe to land. Landings may be in the middle of the lake and then the plane can taxi to the Lake House dock and boardwalk to discharge passengers.”

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