Sheriff Schenck critical of criminal justice reforms, says lawmakers should consider changes

Sheriff Brian Schenck is one of the many in the law enforcement community who believe bail reform measures went too far. Worse yet, he’s not convinced that New York State is doing the best job ensuring that these changes are implemented effectively.

Speaking with Finger Lakes News Radio, he confirmed his suspicion that the changes would eventually be picked back up by lawmakers.

“We need to take a closer look and walk it back,” he said on Finger Lakes News Radio. “I hope that it’s not done in a reactive manner. I hope that we don’t wait for bad things to happen.”

He says taking a ‘broad look’ at the whole thing, and fixing it all should be a priority for those who really want to see a better, more effective criminal justice system.

Sheriff Schenck also reiterated a point that District Attorney Jon Budelmann made the day prior. “He’s certainly going to need some additional staff to handle those changes,” he explained. The District Attorney had asked the Cayuga County Legislature for a full-time secretary, and an assistant district attorney to help with new disclosure requirements.

Last year, the committee denied funding for those two positions.

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