Economic development pros looking to educate students about opportunities in Wayne County

What to do next? That’s the question for a lot of high school students who struggle with the process between K-12 and college.

Then, students who go away to college – graduate – and can’t find openings as easily as they might have imagined. Frequently, students find themselves under employed because they can’t find work in the field they studied in college.

It’s not a local problem, per se, but it’s a problem that exacerbated by a mostly-rural, expansion region.

That’s why Brian Pincelli, Wayne County’s Director of Economic Development, is teaming up with Edge Factor. A company that will help Wayne County promote workforce development, showcase careers students can aspire to, and bolster growth in Wayne County overall.

Pincelli told the Finger Lakes Times that Edge Factor has created 20 videos of employees at a number of Wayne County companies that include Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, Rootstock Ciderworks, Baldwin Richardson Foods and Optimax and Opitpro.

“We’re sharing the career app for folks in Wayne County who might not realize what kinds of jobs are available,” Pincelli told the Times. “This is just the start. I’m working with other companies to get them on the platform.”

The goal is to give students an idea, or inspire them to a path that might work for them.

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