Schumer calls for new conditions to be treated as part of Agent Orange protections for veterans

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for changes to how so-called Agent Orange Presumptive Conditions are treated. In this case, he’s calling for more of them.

The VA has proposed that four new conditions be added to the benefits list, which are additions that have not been finalized yet.

Sen. Schumer says that it’s time for that to happen. “This delay, toying with veterans’ healthcare, has been going on too long,” Schumer said.

Jim Meyers, a Vietnam veteran who was diagnosed with bladder cancer discussed his own life’s journey, including what he described as a healthy lifestyle up until a cancer diagnosis.

“I lived a fairly healthy life until three years ago,” Meyers said. “I was came down with prostate and bladder cancer. The VA has allowed me money for the prostate cancer; the bladder they have not. So I had to have both those removed and I’m still waiting. I will wait another 50 years.”

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