Sen. Helming vows to continue fight to designate English as New York’s official language

Citing the need to promote unity and create a common bond amongst all New York’s citizens, Senator Helming says she will continue efforts to pass S.163, which would designate English as New York’s official language.

In prior years, the New York State Legislature has taken action to designate an official state bird, flower, fish, insect, and even a state snack.

“We are a proud nation of immigrants. From across the world, people see the Statue of Liberty and New York as a beacon of hope and freedom. Immigrants travel here with a key bond of embracing liberty and enriching our culture and they make our state stronger,” Sen. Helming said in a press release. “These success stories surround us and our state is known as a place where anything is possible and to dream big. One other key element that binds us as New Yorkers is the English language. By designating it as the official language of our state, we celebrate its unifying impact and encourage its adoption, as it helps bring us together as a state and nation.”

ProEnglish, the nation’s leading advocate of official English, strongly supports Senator Helming’s sponsorship of legislation to make English the official language of New York. Stephen D. Guschov, Esq., the Executive Director of ProEnglish in Washington, DC, added, “English has a historic role as America’s common, unifying language. A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports showed that 81% of Americans believe that English should be the official language of the United States. ProEnglish stands with Senator Helming concerning the need to promote unity and to create a common bond among all of New York’s citizens, and passage of S.163, which would designate English as New York’s official language, would accomplish this and would have an immediate, unifying impact in the Empire State.”

English is already the official language for a number of states across the United States and is the most commonly spoken language in the nation.  Senator Helming’s legislation is carried in the Assembly by Assemblyman DiPietro.

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