The Effects of the Internet on Modern Relationships

There can be no denying the potency of the Internet where establishing relationships is concerned. Anyone wishing to connect with other singles only has to browse to a dating site and take their pick of the like-minded individuals they’ll encounter. But is having such a convenient method of getting to know potential partners always a positive? As with so many things in life, the answer isn’t always cut and dried. The Internet can affect modern relationships in various ways.

Developing a sense of chemistry can be much easier

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Undoubtedly there are many people out there who will attest to having experienced this phenomenon, but there are far more who require time to develop a sense of chemistry with a potential partner, finding out all about their hobbies and interests, but even more importantly, their strengths and character flaws. The Internet has made this process so much more convenient, as you can get spend a while building a rapport, exchanging messages, developing a true picture before deciding to commit to a relationship.

People can build a network of contacts …

The Internet can connect people in so many different ways. Aside from the possibilities of dating sites, one of the greatest technological advances in recent times has been the advent of social media. There is any number of platforms available to the discerning web user, but the most popular remain the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Throw blogging into the mix, and there are so many ways in which modern relationships can benefit from having different avenues where the parties can express themselves. Social media can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere the participants can hook themselves onto a WiFi connection, so the attention can be constant.

but people can remain isolated

Social media can have a negative impact. Because there can be a tendency for people to want to show themselves in their best light, photographs might be carefully edited or even Photoshopped. In an arena where there is a perceived ‘norm,’ casual viewers might get a sense of being overweight, or underweight, or of not possessing the hippest hairstyle or on-trend clothing. Unfortunately, the Internet can be all-inclusive and alienating in equal measures.

Communication is so much more straightforward …

Using the Internet to touch base with someone is so much easier than the way it used to be done. Now messaging is instant, with dating sites allowing for 24/7 contact. When a relationship is turning sour, the ending can be telegraphed in a succinct message, instead of any long-drawn communication breakdown.

although communication can be ambiguous

One issue with emails, texts or social media messages is that it isn’t always possible to convey the exact meaning behind the communication. Subtle nuances, such as self-deprecation, irony or satire can be lost, meaning the recipient might well get the wrong end of the stick. Offence can be taken where this was the last thing that was intended.

Cultural barriers are readily broken-down

Modern relationships can thrive on the Internet, and nowhere is this more apparent than with international dating. Anyone wishing to expand their social circle can easily begin connecting with someone on the other side of the globe, while live web chatting software such as Skype and many other similar platforms allow thousands of miles of distance to dissolve. Given the reduced rates available on many flights these days, long-distance romance can readily flourish, and there are so many websites where these partnerships can blossom.