Committee kills resolution that would have added ADA position in Cayuga County

In spite of the concerns outlined by District Attorney Jon Budelmann in Cayuga County – the Legislature Ways & Means committee defeated an added Assistant District Attorney position at a meeting this week.

It will allow the creation of one secretarial position, though.

The Citizen reports that the same resolution, which made it through the Judicial and Public Safety committee earlier this month had been met with some pushback.

That resolution was modified slightly to get through committee, but the original version, which went back before the Ways & Means committee, did not make it through.

Legislators Ryan Foley, Daly, Vitale and Keith Batman voted against the measure, according to The Citizen.

Prosecutors from around the region say that changes to the state’s discovery laws, which were bundled with bail reform measures as part of a larger criminal justice reform package are the main cause for stress inside prosecutors’ offices. Added labor, a lot of unknowns, and cases that have to be moved through in a quicker process – all play in as concerns.

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