How to file your taxes for free if you make less than $69,000

It doesn’t have to cost you to file your taxes.

At least not in New York State. If your income is $69,000 or less, there are a number of free tax filing services located across the state – both in person and online.

Both federal and state can be filed free of charge. Some sites – like Turbo Tax – charge users a fee to file – if they don’t seek out the ‘free’ product.

The NYS Tax Department’s website has links to all of the free tax filing websites and services.

The options include OLT OnLine Taxes Free File, Tax Act Free File, FreeTaxUSA Free File, H&R Block Free File, TaxSlayer Free File, and TurboTax Free File.

The IRS and AARP also offer free state and federal tax filing services for people whose annual income in $55,000 or less.

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