NYS investigated former Supreme Court Judge Rosenbaum for ‘abusive’ demands on staffers

Former New York State Supreme Court Justice Matthew Rosenbaum isn’t serving in any official capacity now, nor will he do so in the future, thanks to a deal with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

A press release from the commission asserted that from “2005 through 2019, he made improper and at times abusive personal demands of court staff, directly or indirectly conveying that continued employment required submitting to such demands, and creating a hostile workplace environment.”

Rosenbaum was re-elected in November, but vacated his chambers at the end of 2019. He never took his seat.

The administrator of the Commission, Robert Tembeckjian, said the following in a statement:

“A judge may not make abusive personal or professional demands on court staff or otherwise create a hostile workplace environment. The matter against Judge Rosenbaum was of such magnitude that, notwithstanding his resignation, it was important to make sure he would never return to the bench.”

The Commission notes that the case is closed. That said, if Rosenbaum decides to run for a judgeship in the future, the “Commission’s investigation of the complaint would be revived, he would be served with a Formal Written Complaint on authorization of the Commission, and the matter would proceed to a hearing before a referee,” according to WHEC-TV.

Read the full legal document here from the Commission.

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