REPORT: Wine and grape industries generated $6.65B in economic activity in New York

New York is the nation’s third leading wine-producing state, according to an analysis commissioned by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.

It was conducted by John Dunham & Associates, who has executed similar studies in the past.

The numbers were awe-inspiring – with an annual economic impact of $6.65 billion. In total, the state has more than 470 wineries active around the state, on 35,000-acres.

These businesses, many of which are small businesses operating in rural communities, pay $1.3 billion in state and local taxes, and $1.1 billion in federal taxes.

They’re also a big driver in jobs and wages around the state.

Altogether, the study found that 71,950 jobs were connected to the wine industry. That equates to $2.79 billion in direct wages.

The high-volume of wineries, particularly here in the Finger Lakes, means millions of annual visitors – to the tune of 4.71 million annually, along with $1.8 billion spent by those tourists.

New York Wine & Grape Foundation Director Sam Filler said the industry is strong throughout the state.

“We’re generally a tasting-room and tourist-driven model,” Filler told New York Upstate. “What’s special about industry is that because our wineries are family-owned, our visitors are able to make a special connection with the people who make the product.”

The study found that 28 million gallons of still wine was produced in New York in 2017. It also produced 3.1 million gallons of sparkling wine, which was second to only California.

Check out the full-report here.

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