Auburn man sentenced to two years for strangling woman last summer

An Auburn man has been sentenced to two years behind bars after pleading guilty to a felony count of strangulation in November.

“I put my hands around her neck, squeezed and caused physical injury,” Dion Brown, 32, said during that court proceeding.

He pleaded guilty to second-degree strangulation on November 12th. The assault took place on June 27th.

District Attorney Jon Budelmann said he saw ‘both good and bad’ information in Brown’s pre-sentence report, according to The Citizen.

Brown fought back tears as he addressed the court. “The lessons I’ve learned over the last seven months have been invaluable to me,” he said.

Rome Canzano, who represented Brown, said he took several steps including attending Cayuga Counseling Services’ RESPECT program for domestic violence offenders and volunteering with Nick’s Ride 4 Friends.

He told the court that he wouldn’t re-offend.

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