Canandaigua golden retriever can likely break Guinness World Record (video)

A golden retriever in Canandaigua is getting a lot of attention, after coverage of his unique skill was published in the Democrat & Chronicle this week.

Finley is a 6-year-old golden retriever. And like most Goldens, he likes tennis balls.

“The joy he brings to us is one thing,” said his owner Cheri Molloy told the D&C. “But he brings joy to people all over the world.”

When he knows there are six balls nearby to be picked up – he will work to pick them all up one-by-one. The first few come quickly, and the latter three come with a little more difficulty.

That said, they come one way or another.

He’s also a world-record holder. Well, not officially yet. But that distinction is coming. The Molloy’s did some research, and found that Finley had the record beat.

Now, they’re working through the process of having that officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

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