Sloppy forecast through Tuesday, then winter returns with colder temps

Temperatures are going to be on the rise for the start of the week, but don’t expect that to last into the middle, or end, as winter returns.

It shouldn’t be too snowy at any point, though.

The National Weather Service says that some overnight snow could leave an inch or two of accumulation on the ground, but that it will quickly be washed away by scattered rain showers, which will enter the picture during the early-morning hours on Tuesday.

Gusty winds will be one challenge tomorrow morning, but those shouldn’t reach criteria for requiring any kind of advisory or warning. Rather it will be the kind of wind that simply serves as a nuisance.

Between Wednesday and Thursday there will be a risk for some snow showers, which will be lake driven. FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil said on Monday that the areas of focus for this activity will be from Wayne County down through Cortland County.

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