Cuomo tells hospitals to plan for significantly greater capacity, but estimations show stark outlook

New York is focusing on hospital beds as the economy remains largely shut down.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is directing hospitals across the state to increase their capacity between 50- and 100%.

Some of the downstate ‘converted’ hospitals will be up-and-running within a couple weeks. “This was never an anticipated use, but you do what you have to do,” Cuomo said. “That’s the New York way. That’s the American way. And we’re going to get this done.”

“We are today issuing an emergency order that says to all hospitals, ‘You must increase your capacity by 50 percent. You must. Mandatory directive from the state. Find more beds, use more rooms. You must increase your capacity by 50 percent. We would ask you to try to increase your capacity 100 percent,” he added.

A tool from ProPublica, a non-profit newsroom for investigative journalism, shows that Rochester is in a particularly difficult spot when it comes to hospital infrastructure.

It estimated that approximately 86,000 people could require hospitalization in the Rochester-area if 40% of the population contracted the virus.

Intensive Care Units, or ICU’s in the Rochester-area would be stretched thin. Dangerously thin. The region could need three times as many available beds if that scenario plays out.

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