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Deploy your message across multiple digital platforms through a variety of programs and promotional opportunities outlined in our Media Kit…

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We will find a package or program that best meets your budget and develop an amazing campaign and be a trusted partner that will help you exceed your goals. Find out why we’re different. Find out for yourself why our customers, clients, users and the public at-large love us so much! 



The #1 Reason… FingerLakes1.com is AWESOME & available on all digital platforms & screens!
FingerLakes1.com has become recognized as the local leader, not only online, but cross-platform, as the authority for local information and entertainment. We are constantly pushing new, original, local content through multiple channels to local users. Web, imagery, video, podcasts, articles, live webcasts, social promotions, multi-media production and more. Associate your business with a popular, modern, and growing organization!

Get the results you seek without breaking your budget
Our programs are more effective than other options that cost as much as three or four times as much! Most of our programs cost less than 1 cent for each time we display your advertisement.

Focus on the Finger Lakes, not the surrounding area
Most other media outlets only focus on parts of the Finger Lakes or are oriented towards Syracuse or Rochester. FingerLakes1.com serves as one of the only options where a Finger Lakes resident can get complete news coverage and important local information from across the entire region.

Full color advertisements- Options for Video!
Our ads are big, colorful, animated and prominently placed on our most popular pages. We can also incorporate and produce high quality, custom video into your campaigns.

Ad production is FREE *
Our posted prices include everything, no set-up fees!
* There is a charge for video production, but graphical display ad creation and audio ad production is offered at no extra charge.

You can afford top level exposure
Even our front page advertising options are easily affordable for most small businesses and easy to budget for larger companies. Imagine putting your business in front of nearly 18,000 of our visitors every single day!

We send potential customers directly from our website to yours
Do you have a website you’re proud of and want to get more local visitors? Look no further, a well designed promotion on FingerLakes1.com is like a virtual traffic funnel to your website. Not proud of your website? We can help you there as well.

Stick with us long term and relax knowing your marketing dollar is well spent
You may have noticed many of our advertisers whose promos appear in our pages have been with us for years. There’s a reason. They’re sticking with what works while saving a bundle when compared to traditional media options.