Owasco Lake harmful algal toxins aren’t gone yet

The weather is getting cooler, but Owasco Lake is not out of the woods yet when it comes to harmful algal blooms. Latest test results from the Cayuga County Health Department continue to show microcystin, a liver toxin released by harmful algae, in the raw lake water entering the city of Auburn's and town of Owasco's treatment plants. The drinking... more

Roadside ditches in Owasco Lake watershed need work

The Owasco Lake Watershed Inspection Program assessed more than 100 town and county roadside ditches in the watershed totaling just under 10 miles. More than five miles, the program determined, are high priority to be stabilized. Ditches, especially when not properly maintained, are one of the culprits for transporting sediment and nutrients into water bodies. Kathryn Vellone, an assistant watershed inspector,... more

Updated Owasco Lake harmful algal bloom reports show anatoxin

The Owasco Lake Watershed Inspection Program has added a new column to its harmful algal bloom page — anatoxin levels. The relatively new toxin for Owasco Lake’s algae blooms is still showing up at fluctuating concentrations. The usual toxic culprit seen in Owasco Lake harmful algae is called microcystin. A kind of liver toxin, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has... more

Challengers take on the Finger Lakes Mud Run in Owasco

Matt Gelatt emerged from the Finger Lakes Mud Run looking like a living monument to dirt and earth — and was bleeding from a hole in his leg. But he couldn’t stop smiling. Gelatt, a SUNY Cortland student, didn’t notice his new gash until it was pointed out to him. Despite it, he said he felt great and had a... more

New toxin found in Owasco Lake algae blooms

A new toxin has been found in algae blooms in Owasco Lake, the Cayuga County Health Department said. In a news release, the department said a previously undetected toxin, homo-anatoxin, was found in algae samples near Indian Cove and Buck Point. The department has previously found a more common type of toxin, microcystins, in the lake. "Both of these HAB... more

Algae toxins appear in Skaneateles Lake drinking water, Owasco Lake’s untreated water

Low levels of harmful algae toxins were detected in some drinking water distributed from Skaneateles Lake, according to a statement from the state Department of Health, Onondaga County Health Department and the city of Syracuse Department of Water on Wednesday. Meanwhile, toxin and chlorophyll levels in Owasco Lake's blooms are high, though the city of Auburn and town of Owasco's... more

Owasco Flats restoration project on hold again

A project to reduce nutrients into the Owasco Inlet has hit yet another roadblock, delaying work until possibly this winter or next spring. The Owasco Flats Wetland Restoration and Riparian Buffers Initiative seemed to overcome its hurdles after the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued permits to begin the work last month. The... more

Harmful algal blooms continue to be found in Cayuga County-area lakes

Harmful algal blooms continue to be found in area lakes, but there is no indication that public drinking water has been negatively impacted. The Cayuga County Health Department on Friday said that, out of an abundance of caution, the Auburn and Owasco water treatment facilities had activated their carbon treatment systems to mitigate the chances of toxins getting into the... more

Owasco Lake Asian clam problem improving

It only takes one Asian clam to make 16,000 baby Asian clams a year. Small and brown and somewhat inconspicuous, the invasive species likes the sandy parts of Owasco Lake, and Michele Wunderlich, associate planner for the Cayuga County Department of Planning and Economic Development, shared on Thursday the latest results of a survey conducted in July. Members of the... more

Volunteers help keep track of Owasco Lake’s bill of health

Though raindrops pelted on Michele and Mark Plis’ boat Tuesday morning, Owasco Lake looked a picturesque watercolor scene of dark grays and greens. The only waves came from fog billowing across the hillside, both revealing and hiding the landscape as the volunteers made their way about eight miles south. The Plises are one of two sets of volunteers on Owasco... more

Sheriff, state police investigate multiple larcenies in Sennett, Owasco

The Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police are investigating several larcenies in the towns of Sennett and Owasco. According to a press release, numerous thefts of heavy equipment batteries have been reported in recent weeks at multiple locations. Investigators said it appears the thefts are related. The Citizen: Read More more

Community comes together to teach refugees how to fish in Owasco

Two local organizations will host an event in Owasco this weekend to teach a group of refugees how to fish. Love CNY ThinkTank is partnering with RISE to host Angling for Acceptance: Fishing, Food and Family at Emerson Park. The event will feature 25 refugees learning how to fish as well as a barbecue at the park’s picnic pavilion. Both... more

Schumer, Cuomo: Feds approve Owasco Flats restoration project

Cayuga County has received federal approval for the Owasco Flats restoration project, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved federal wetland permits for the project. The county needed the permits to advance the restoration work. A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers said Monday that an unvalidated permit... more

‘Don’t go in it’: Harmful algal bloom testing for Owasco Lake limited

Local and state partners are working together to monitor harmful algal blooms on Owasco Lake, but testing of potential toxins in those blooms is limited. The state Department of Environmental Conservation said Owasco Lake, along with Honeyoe, Seneca and Otisco lakes, have shoreline surveillance programs of blooms, studying where they're happening and why. Owasco Lake's is a research effort funded... more

Cuomo: Advanced drinking water treatment tech installed and running in Auburn, Owasco

Governor Andrew Cuomo says advanced drinking water treatment technologies for Auburn and Owasco have been installed and are operating. Earlier this year, $2 million in state money was allotted to improve the systems that treat drinking water from Owasco Lake. The City of Auburn now has a powdered activated carbon treatment system. The Town of Owasco is now using a... more

Army Corps of Engineers ‘working diligently’ to finalize Owasco Flats permit

A decision on the federal wetland permit for the Owasco Flats restoration project could come as early as next week. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Friday that it's "working diligently" to finalize a decision on the project, which is being spearheaded by Cayuga County. The county must receive the federal permit before soliciting bids for the construction work.... more

Festival celebrates Owasco Lake, showcases conservation

Owasco Lake Day is a day dedicated to celebrating Owasco Lake and educating people on the lake's importance, Owasco Watershed Lake Association President Bob Brower said. What better way to celebrate the lake than taking people out on a boat tour so they can experience it themselves? Those who attended Sunday's festival at Emerson Park had the opportunity to take... more

Auburn man denies burglarizing Tom Thumb, Classic Cones

An Auburn man accused of burglarizing two Cayuga County treat shops has claimed he was framed for the crimes. Patrick Langworthy, of 39 Nelson St., was arrested last month following an investigation by New York State Police and the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office. According to a news release, Langworthy committed two separate burglaries in June — one at Tom Thumb... more
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