‘Great Gatsby-era’ estate for sale on Canandaigua Lake

One of the oldest homes on Canandaigua Lake, maintained as it was built in the 1920s, is on the market. For 32 years, the two-acre estate called Millstones was home to Susanne Kennedy, who bought the property with her mother, Helen Gardner, in 1985. Kennedy, now 82, is ready to turn over the keys to new owners who can enjoy... more

Resident along Lake Ontario preparing for flooding, erosion

Many people living on the Lake Ontario shoreline have been living with fear since January 7th. They’re bracing for flooding and erosion. They say it’s the result of a new plan that controls the lake’s water levels. The United States agreed to that plan with Canada during the Obama Administration. Those people on the lake are now appealing to the... more
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