Cuomo announces $10M for locations impacted by Lake Ontario flooding

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced $10 million in state funding is available to assist eligible local municipalities that have been impacted by the recent flooding along the Lake Ontario coastline. The new investment program will support flood recovery efforts, including repairs to flood walls, roads, sidewalks, and culverts, as well as public water and sewer infrastructure.   The... more

DEC officials tour Sodus Point as residents grow frustrated with flooding

On Sunday, DEC officials took a tour of Sodus Point Beach Park. It’s a mess. The official visit was part of a larger flood response effort, which includes touring the communities hardest hit by the rising waters of Lake Ontario. Homeowners are playing defense, as they work to keep water out of their properties. “We can’t stop it,” said one... more

IJC hopes to increase Lake Ontario outflows in ‘coming days’

The agency that controls water levels in Lake Ontario plans to increase outflows to help with lakeshore flooding. The International Joint Commission’s Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board says the decreasing water flow into Lake St. Louis, near Montreal, from the Ottawa River should allow them to increase outflows from Lake Ontario in “coming days and weeks.” If drier... more

Plant wildflowers, because bee lives matter

There’s a basket full of seed packets on the counter at Lakeview Organic Grain in Penn Yan. On this basket is a cute little cartoon bee; below the bee is a not-so-cute but truthful message: “If we die, we’re taking you with us.” Lakeview Organic Grain, owned and operated by Mary-Howell and Klaas Martens, is giving away these packets of... more

Sodus Point officials push legal action on lake levels

odus Point officials are pushing Wayne County to take legal action against a recently enacted Lake Ontario water-regulation plan that they say is causing significant harm to residents and businesses. On Monday night, the Village Board passed a resolution “requesting commencement of legal action on behalf of (the) village of Sodus Point.” Sodus Point Mayor Chris Tertinek read the resolution... more

Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve featured in magazine

Seneca Meadows, Inc. announced its wetlands preserve on Black Brook Rd. was featured in Land and Water Magazine, a national publication which services the erosion control and water management industry. The success of the extensive wetlands mitigation project at the Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve, as well as a successful brook realignment project, were also featured in the magazine’s March/April issue.... more

Lake Ontario sky-high despite outflow hike

Outflow from swollen Lake Ontario has increased 43 percent in the last eight days — a bit of good news for shoreline residents who are continuing to deal with record-high water levels. Hundreds of homes and businesses along the shoreline have suffered some degree of damage from flood waters over the last two months. The lake is higher now than... more

Homeowner will demolish house teetering on edge of Lake Ontario

A house teetering on a cliff above Lake Ontario won’t be there for much longer. The owner of the Sodus Point home said he plans to demolish it next weekend. The house sits on Lake Road, not far from Sodus Bay and the land underneath is quickly eroding because of high water levels. The erosion on this home’s backyard has... more

Sodus Point home on verge of falling into Lake Ontario (photo)

A Sodus Point home is in danger of falling into Lake Ontario. It’s not the first home to be threatened by the eroding lakeshore, but is the first in Sodus Point to experience this nightmare. One neighbor described it as ‘horrifying’, the act of watching a neighbors property erode away. “It’s horrifying, just the thought people work hard to have... more

Owasco Lake sluiceway could open up at Emerson Park

The town of Owasco is taking the reins on a pair of clogged culverts that run underneath Emerson Park’s access road that leads to the city of Auburn’s upper pumping station. Ed Wagner, town supervisor, said within the next two to three weeks, the town plans to drill a hole at a midpoint, and see if they can be cleaned... more

Sodus Point water rising: Businesses struggle to stay afloat

Captain Jack’s Goodtime Tavern, a Sodus Point spot familiar to many, hopes to re-open this week, days after Lake Ontario forced it to shut down. But there are still other businesses in the area that could be feeling the impact of rising lake levels this summer.   “Captain Jack’s is right over here, where you see four, five, six hoses... more

With sandbagger gone and water rising, Fair Haven in need of more sandbags

As Lake Ontario water levels continue to rise, the village of Fair Haven needs more sandbags. According to Mayor Jim Basile, the stockpile of roughly 10,000 sandbags was whittled down to 2,000 over the weekend. Residents picked up most of the sandbags for use on their properties. Approximately 30,000 sandbags have been deployed around Little Sodus Bay over the last... more

Lakeshore Flood Warning active for Wayne, Northern Cayuga as Lake Ontario churns

The National Weather Service upgraded the Lakeshore Flood Watch to a Warning on Sunday, which prompted even more concern over those communities along the shore of Lake Ontario. The winds turned to a northwest breeze, which pushed up toward 20 mph consistently Sunday evening in much of the region. Larger waves were threatening homes along the shoreline, just like businesses,... more

Friend or foe? Be on the lookout for invasive insects

Insects, both beneficial and disruptive, have always been front-of-mind for the people growing our food. Of particular interest in today’s world are invasives: insects that are not native to a region and whose introduction (whether intentional or accidental) is likely to cause harm to our environment, our economy or human health. Or already has. A 2016 report in Nature Communication... more

State offering more help for Lake Ontario flood victims

Residents affected by flooding in the Lake Ontario region will be receiving extra assistance in the upcoming days, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday. Additional Financial Services Mobile Command Centers will be deployed to the area to provide flood victims with insurance claims on Lake Ontario. “By deploying additional mobile command centers and resources, we will help residents with insurance... more

Meet the dams that control the fate of Lake Ontario and Montreal

Just a few miles north of Massena, the massive Moses-Saunders Dam stretches more than half a mile across the St. Lawrence River. The dam’s 32 turbines produce power for both the U.S. and Canada, but it’s in the spotlight now because it’s part of the system that balances water — and flooding potential — between Lake Ontario and Montreal. It... more

Bill promising to help lakeshore homeowners, likely won’t

Homeowners along the lake shore say a bill promising to help them is falling short. They were hoping to see financial aid from the state for rebuilding, relocating and cleaning up, but it is not looking like they will receive anything. Rino Pappano put up a wall on sandbags to protect his home on Edgemere Drive. That wall now sits... more

Emergency legislation passed to help those dealing with Lake Ontario flooding

Sen. Pamela A. Helming and Assembly Majority Leader Joseph D. Morelle announced legislation that accelerates the availability of new emergency funding for water infrastructure in an effort to help many communities currently facing significant flooding damage. This legislation, sponsored by Sen. Helming and Majority Leader Morelle, amends the 120-day waiting period in the newly-adopted Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017... more
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