Ithaca Walmart shooter has complicated history

The Ithaca man accused of fatally shooting a UPS driver at a Walmart parking lot had a lengthy history with law enforcement, despite the fact that he worked as a master social worker from September 2008 until May 2016 at St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center in Massena. According to reporting by the Ithaca Voice, “he attacked a man in Lansing, had... more

Romulus School declares no mumps

Tests have come back negative for a Romulus Elementary student believed to have the mumps, the school district announced this week. Last week, Romulus School Superintendent Martin Rotz sent home a letter with elementary students warning parents of possible exposure to mumps. Proper precautions were taken and the Seneca County Health Department was notified. The student had not been in school... more

Local dentist office offers a day of free dental care for under-served children

Eaves Family Dental Group will be partnering with North American Dental Group to offer a day of free dental care for under-served children in the community from 8 am to 2 pm February 18th. Smile-Palooza is a charitable event organized by North American Dental Group. The organization has a clear focus on serving the needs of underprivileged children. All children... more

Remedy for Seneca Army Depot cleanup discussed

The preferred remedy for cleaning up four old munitions disposal sites at the former Seneca Army Depot is to implement land-use controls. That means future use of those sites, which amounts to about 175 acres, would not allow residential housing, elementary or secondary schools, childcare facilities or playgrounds. In addition, recognition and safety training for explosives will be required for... more

Flu rages on in New York as Naples student remembered

Siobhan Baker took a moment to dig through the pile of letters filled with words of love that her family has received over the last couple days. They are letters from classmates, parents and teachers written in memory of Baker's niece Madeline "Maddy" Barton, a sixth-grader from the Naples Central School District who passed away Feb. 8 after a battle... more

Terminated nurses secure unemployment benefits; judge says misconduct didn’t meet threshold

A nurse terminated by Cayuga Medical Center has succeeded securing unemployment benefits after a judge found her actions did not “rise to the level of misconduct” regarding a blood transfusion. This comes as the National Labor Relations Board is investigating why two nurses were terminated at Cayuga Medical Center. The hospital claims it fired two Intensive Care Unit nurses —... more

Naples sixth grader dies from flu complications, officials say

A GoFundMe account has been setup for the Naples student who lost her life after complications from the flu virus. Madeline Barton was in the hospital recently with Influenza Encephalitis. The length of her illness was not made clear. The district says the family is asking for people to wear blue clothing and bows this week to remember Madeline. Friends... more

Man dies in ER waiting room at Cayuga Medical; one staffer fired as investigation unfolds

One nurse at Cayuga Medical Center has had her contract terminated and the hospital is reviewing it’s practices after a patient died in the emergency room waiting area on January 19th. The 52-year-old, who was originally found unresponsive at a convenience store in Ithaca, was transported to the hospital after police and Bangs Ambulance arrived at the scene. When he... more

Seneca Falls school forced to close due to widespread infection

Imagine having so many sick students that you have to shut down. For Finger Lakes Christian School in Seneca Falls that’s exactly what has happened. “Strep” infections have been going around the school with such force that staff was forced to shut down and show up on Wednesday to disinfect surfaces that had been, or could have been contaminated. The... more

State looks to address youth suicide with new mental health focus

Kristina Mossgraber was a star athlete in middle school and was voted most popular by fellow classmates at Nathaniel Rochester Community School Number 3. Unbeknownst to anyone, Mossgrabber says she was struggling. “I had a very long period of time of not knowing that I had an underlying mental illness, and you know keeping it hidden and struggling in silence,”... more

Romulus warns parents, students of possible mumps exposure

Elementary students in Romulus Central School may have been exposed to mumps, according to a notice sent home with students today. According to the letter from School Superintendent Martin Rotz, the school was notified that one of its students is being tested for a suspected case of mumps. The possible case has been reported to appropriate officials at the state... more

AIR CARE: Mercy Flight provides in-flight look at service (video)

Flying is the fastest way to get around. When it comes to a life-threatening illness – there isn’t any way to get a patient to an area trauma center or hospital faster. That’s where Mercy Flight comes into the equation. The above video provides an in-depth look at what Mercy Flight is all about once they’re in the air. The... more

Sen. Helming works to provide new tools in the fight against child abuse

Senator Pam Helming (R-54th District) helped pass two critical public protection measures to help save the lives of abused children. The bills would require follicle testing of young children for drugs if their guardian is arrested on serious drug charges, and restrict high caseloads from jeopardizing the investigation of child abuse or maltreatment. “These are important measures that will help... more

Finger Lakes Health report outlines $6.9 million in charity care, community benefit

Finger Lakes Health’s 2016 report to the community, titled “We Are Where You Are,” outlines $6.9 million in charity care and community benefit for 2015. The report details how Finger Lakes Health focuses its resources and efforts on health and wellness in its communities, and the economic impact of Finger Lakes Health in those communities. The report reminds residents that... more

Sen. Helming helps pass legislation to better protect volunteer firefighters

Senator Pam Helming (R-54th District) helped pass legislation to better protect the health of volunteer firefighters who become sick due to the hazards they encounter from their service to the community. The bill (S1411), expands the benefits available to volunteer firefighters when they contract certain illnesses and cancers as a result of their dangerous work. “Volunteer firefighters valiantly serve our... more

Foundry soil cleanup will begin this year, DEC and state Health Department say

The final plan for the cleanup of the former Geneva Foundry site and the surrounding neighborhoods calls for excavation of contaminated soil, replacement with clean soil and continued monitoring. The remediation will begin sometime this year. The state Department of Environmental Conservation and the state Department of Health issued the record of decision Monday. The cost of the cleanup in... more
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