Ithaca Police investigate reports of males looking into, lingering around East Hill apartments

The Ithaca and Cornell University Police Departments are investigating multiple reports of “suspicious activity” taking place in the East Hill neighborhood. According to a news release by the Ithaca Police Department, multiple accounts of “males peering into windows of apartments, entering apartments, and lingering in and around the locked entryway of apartment buildings” have been reported. IthacaJournal.com: Read More more

Kangaroo makes a break for it down Route 96 in Trumansburg

As Darlynne Overbaugh was driving home from work Monday, she thought she saw a deer in the corner of her eye by Route 96 in Trumansburg. “I said, ‘Oh no, it’s a deer,’ because those live in our area,” Overbaugh said. “But it wasn’t.” Not quite. The animal she saw is more typically spotted in Australia than Trumansburg: a kangaroo.... more

‘Dunkin Hortons’ is NOT coming to Auburn; it doesn’t even exist

On Sunday morning, many people passing the old Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop on Grant Avenue in Auburn might have noticed a new sign on the property, and they might have gotten their hopes up. The sign was attached to the top of a billboard set up by Flaum Management Co., the real estate agency that’s currently listing the... more

Bloomfield 911 caller claimed he had a shotgun pointed at him

Deputies say a 19-year-old East Bloomfield man was charged with falsely reporting an incident after he claimed that another individual had pointed a shotgun at him. Jacbo A. Gresty was charged with third-degree falsely reporting an incident after a 911 call was placed, asserting that a disturbance on Stetson Rd. in Bloomfield involved someone pointing a shotgun at him. This... more

Whitney Point alligator caught by the DEC, taken to Animal Adventure Park

The alligator that was on the loose in Whitney Point has been caught by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The three foot, three inch long reptile was captured Saturday afternoon behind the fairgrounds in Whitney Point after being recently spotted in the area. Officials with the DEC say the alligator has been permanently placed at the Animal... more

Ovid man flees Waterloo accident and leads police on wild, high-speed chase

Seneca County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested an Ovid man on numerous charges after a vehicle pursuit on Wednesday night. Deputies responded at about 7:00 pm to Route 5, west of the Village of Waterloo, for a property damage accident in which a white pickup truck struck the rear of another pickup truck and then fled the scene. The white truck was... more

Seneca Falls woman allowed 5-year-old to run unclothed through neighborhood

On Wednesday at approximately 11:39 pm members of the Seneca Falls Police Department arrested a 31-year-old woman after they received the report of a young child running down a nearby street unsupervised, and without clothing. During the investigation, police determined that Shannon L. Alcott, of Seneca Falls did not prevent her 5-year-old daughter from running unclothed in the backyard of... more

Scuba diver finds Amerks legend’s Hall of Fame ring in Canandaigua Lake (video)

“X” doesn’t always mark the spot. It’s not often that we get treasure hunting stories in sports, but this quest for buried gold in Canandaigua Lake certainly fits — like a perfectly-sized ring. “Right then and there I knew, here’s a significant find,” Gary Gavurnik says. Gary Gavurnik has been searching for lost items for years. And with the help... more

Red Wings to become “Rochester Plates” for one game as Garbage Plate tribute

The Rochester Red Wings will be changing their name… for one game. To pay homage to the Flower City’s most iconic cuisine, the Red Wings will be playing as the Rochester Plates on August 10. The name change will come complete with new uniforms and hats, and is meant to honor the 100th anniversary of the Garbage Plate. WHEC: Read... more

Ice covers the ground in surreal Tuesday afternoon scene in Union Springs

Strong storms powered through the region early afternoon on Tuesday and some storms contained a significant amount of hail. One Cayuga County community that saw the most hail was Union Springs. At around 1:00 pm today, Union Springs looked more like a scene from winter than an otherwise sunny, albeit cool, late-afternoon in June. Check out the images from these... more

Aurora man builds amphibious tractor houseboat

Theon Parseghian is used to cars slowing down outside his Aurora residence and workshop. It’s hard to miss the 32-foot houseboat on tractor tires in front of it. The 29-year-old mechanic, fabricator and welder said he’d bought the boat a couple of years ago, intending to make it a guest cottage in the backyard. But where to put a 32-foot... more

Man jumps from bridge into Six Mile Creek while fleeing from police in Ithaca

A man jumped from a bridge into Six Mile Creek Thursday afternoon while police were tailing him in an attempt to serve an arrest warrant related to a domestic violence incident, police said. Lt. Dan Donahue said an off-duty deputy recognized Robert Predmore while he was in the back passenger seat of a red truck that turned onto South Meadow... more

FAKE MONEY: Police say ‘motion picture money’ is going around Geneva

Police in Geneva say they’ve received at least one complaint this week of fake money being passed off as real U.S. currency. Police say that local businesses and residents should closely examine any money they’re being handed to ensure it’s authentic. The money being passed reads “Motion Picture Use Only,” and is the type of prop used in filming. Police... more

Tiger Woods had a Turning Stone Elite Card at time of his DUI arrest

A review of Tiger Woods’ police report from a recent DUI arrest in Florida brought about a small but interesting link to Central New York. There on line 11 under “description of personal property” along with his cell phone, key ring, watch and credit cards: Turning Stone Elite Card. The Turning Stone Elite Card is described as the highest level... more

Police: Seneca Falls woman called dispatch 24 times about incident

A Seneca Falls woman faces multiple charges after police say she called dispatch 24 times attempting to report an incident, which police say had been handled. On Monday at 12:02 am the Seneca Falls Police Department arrested Susan L. Ganser, 54, of Seneca Falls for third-degree falsely reporting an incident, two counts of second-degree obstructing governmental administration, and second-degree harassment... more

Lawsuit filed to dissolve Cellino and Barnes

A major team in the legal community may be dissolving, according to court documents. Attorney Ross Cellino, Jr. has filed civil court documents in State Supreme Court seeking to dissolve Cellino and Barnes. At this point, there is no word on why. Cellino and Barnes is one of the largest personal injury firms in the area, with offices stretching as... more
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