Greeters Paint Canal Route in Wayne County (photo)

Last Monday, Lyons Erie Canalway Greeters painted the route of Clinton’s Ditch and the Enlarged Erie through the former village of Lyons. The original pathway of the canals was through the village and next to buildings. The stencil was designed and donated by LaGasse Iron Works & Fabricators of Lyons. Photo by Robert A. Stopper. more

Berliners aboard BROADSWORD exit Lock 27 in Wayne County (photo)

BROADSWORD, a 58 foot long range cruiser, docked in Lyons one evening. Early morning on June 6th, it locked westward through Lock 27 on the Erie Canal. . The cruiser was manufactured in New Zealand. The Captain and crew were born and raised in Berlin, Germany. They took possession of BROADSWORD in the Bahamas were they began their 6000 mile... more
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