Suicide Prevention Coalition organizes in Yates County

The Yates Suicide Prevention Coalition has continued to develop over the last year and would like the community know what that involved and current and future directions. A steering committee meets regularly in the Yates County Office Building. There are two Project Teams, one for Community Education and Awareness, a second for the development of a Suicide Postvention capacity and... more

Jerusalem residents support new noise ordinance

A standing-room-only house greeted the Jerusalem Town Board Aug. 16 for the public hearing on the town’s proposed noise ordinance. And largely, the voiced opinions supported of the new law with more specific restrictions and harsher penalties. The expected opinions were there: residents of Keuka Park who have complained about the noises that arise from living next to a college... more

Dan Murn wins Paddle Keuka 5K for second straight year

Despite a stiff wind and choppy waters, paddlers took part in the Finger Lakes Museum & Aquarium’s second annual Paddle Keuka 5K canoe and kayak race on Saturday, August 5th. Fairport’s Dan Murn was the overall first place winner for the second year in a row, finishing the 3.1-mile course in 30:30 minutes. The first place winner in the male... more

GUILTY: Verdict in at Craig Rideout murder trial (full-coverage)

Five days of deliberations, a mountain of evidence, and a lengthy trial. The jurors had a difficult decision on their hands as they came to one on Tuesday. Paul Tucci would be the only individual to walk out of the courtroom a free man in Rochester. The murder trial of Craig Rideout, who was discovered badly burned in Jerusalem, made... more

Rideout trial: No verdict after Day 1 of deliberations

Jurors in the Craig Rideout murder trial will return to deliberations Thursday morning to consider the fate of the four accused of the homicide. Throughout a day of deliberations Wednesday, jurors asked for some trial testimony to be read back, and also had state Supreme Court Justice Thomas Moran re-read them some legal definitions, such as the requirements for someone... more

Attorneys point fingers as closing arguments continue in Rideout murder trial

The day started with Laura Rideout’s attorney, David Pilato, who says despite what’s been said, Laura had no motive to kill Craig Rideout. On Monday, Collins and Alex’s attorneys pointed the finger at Laura saying that the boys were there cleaning up after what fellow family members, namely Laura, had already done. Pilato calls that pure fiction. “Yesterday, Colin Rideout’s... more

Blood spatter analysis links Laura Rideout, Colin Rideout to murder scene

The prosecution says they have now linked Laura Rideout and Colin Rideout to the scene of Craig Rideout’s murder. A blood spatter analyst, Paul Kish, took the stand Friday and testified that a pair of blood-soaked jeans with the DNA of Colin Rideout had patterns indicating it was at the scene of the murder. Kish also testified a pair of... more

Defense suggests DNA from evidence in Rideout murder trial could be contaminated

The prosecution has maintained from the beginning that the evidence will link the four defendants with their DNA, but Wednesday morning the defense team in the Craig Rideout murder trial said DNA samples from bloody evidence could have been contaminated. On Wednesday, a crime lab technician presented key evidence to the jury. Rideout’s two sons, Colin and Alex, his estranged... more

Bloody pair of gloves may link at least one defendant to the murder of Craig Rideout

A bloody pair of work gloves found in the trunk of the car Colin and Alex Rideout were driving in when they were arrested were shown to the jury Tuesday morning, and may link one of the defendants to the murder of Craig Rideout. Rideout’s two sons, Colin and Alex, his estranged wife Laura and her boyfriend Paul Tucci are all... more

Rideout trial focuses on forensics, including DNA and cord allegedly used for strangulation

Various pieces of clothing discovered stuffed in the trunk of a car found at Mendon Ponds Park were blood-stained, and prosecutors hope to use the evidence to incriminate those accused of killing Craig Rideout. On Monday, the testimony started about DNA evidence that prosecutors earlier said would be key building blocks in the criminal case. That testimony, from Monroe County... more

Will key evidence link the defendants to the murder of Craig Rideout?

A bottle of Diet Coke could be a key piece of evidence placing Laura Rideout at the murder scene of her estranged husband, Craig Rideout. Thursday’s testimony at the murder trial narrowed in on that bottle of Diet Coke, purchased by Laura Rideout and her boyfriend, Paul Tucci at a local Walmart. Surveillance images and receipts show the two also... more

Defendants fighting for own survival in Rideout trial

The first defense lawyer to cross-examine the county’s medical examiner Wednesday pressed the issue of how much power would have been needed to kill Craig Rideout. Wasn’t it possible that the strangulation did not take significant force?, Assistant Public Defender Julie Cianca implied in her questions Wednesday to Monroe County Medical Examiner Dr. Nadia Granger. Moments later, defense lawyer Michael... more

Images of acid burns, bones shown during Rideout murder trial testimony

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) – The Monroe County Medical Examiner took the stand Wednesday morning, testifying about the cause of death of Penfield man Craig Rideout. Rideout’s body was found in a wooded area of Yates County in July 2016, wrapped in a tarp and disfigured with acid. His two sons, Colin and Alex, his estranged wife, Laura, and her boyfriend, Paul... more

Jerusalem fills town planning board vacancy in split vote

After five months of wrangling and dissension, the Jerusalem Town Board has appointed a new member to the town’s planning board. Paul Zorovich has been appointed for a 7-year term through December 2023 as recommended by the interview committee. The vacancy attracted two applicants, Zorovich and Mark Catlin. However, Catlin’s application was dated after the Jan. 6 deadline. In February,... more

Jurors see the murder weapon in Rideout case

Testimony continues in the Craig Rideout murder trial. During day three of the trial the prosecution called five witnesses to the stand, including a Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy with the technical unit who took photos inside Craig Rideout’s Penfield town home. It’s there where police believe Rideout was murdered and where investigators found a home wire ligature the prosecution says... more

Sister of Craig Rideout stands trial, surveillance evidence revealed

On Tuesday, Jurors were shown surveillance video from three trips to Walmart including one on July 20, the day Robbyn Drew, Craig Rideout’s sister, reported him missing. Drew testified in court today, and says when she couldn’t reach Craig right out by phone or email she went to his home. She found Laura right out in the kitchen “She was... more

Jurors selected in Rideout murder case

Twelve jurors have been selected and one alternate in the murder case of a Penfield father. Craig Rideout was killed last summer. Police found his body in Yates County wrapped in a tarp with acid poured over his face. Rideout’s two sons, Alex and Colin, his estranged wife Laura, and her boyfriend Paul Tucci are all charged with murder and... more
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