• Flooding possible as thunderstorms develop on Friday

    Thunderstorms with heavy downpours, which could lead to some flash flooding is expected to develop this afternoon. Around 3 pm is when FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil says the storms will begin to fire up, which could lead to some poor drainage …more
  • SUNY trustees raise tuition on in-state students … again

    State University of New York students are going to be paying more. At least those who don’t qualify for the Governor’s new Excelsior Scholarship. The SUNY board of trustees voted on Wednesday to raise tuition 3.1 percent. It brings tuition up to …more
  • Bringing dinner home (photo)

    This Osprey was bringing dinner home for the family Friday evening at Montezuma. Photo by Jim Porupski.
  • Great Gully Falls (photo)

    A weekend stop at Great Gully Falls revealed a good flow from all of the rain that the region had seen over the last several days. Photo by Jim Porupski.
  • Tanks arrive in Tyre (photo)

    The Genesse Brewery barge finally arrived at Mays Point in Tyre Sunday to a carnival like atmosphere. Dozens of people lined the banks of the Erie Canal to watch it pass through the locks. Photo by Shelly Lannon.
  • Tree or duplex? (photo)

    Saturday at the Sterling Nature Center, two Blue Heron nests with young ones getting ready to fly away. Photo by Mike Sargent.