• Police: Multiple people stabbed in Auburn at Mill Street dam

    Police say multiple people were stabbed on Saturday afternoon in Auburn. The suspect is in custody, but has not been identified by police. Motive of the stabbing was also not available. While police say none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening, …more
  • Meet Cayuga County’s new historian

    Every Wednesday morning, Ruth Bradley stops by the King Ferry Corner Store on Route 34B. A native of Cayuga County, she sits among a small group of men and women, sipping her coffee and catching up with old friends. And inevitably, she'll …more
  • Sunset at Montezuma stuns as summer ends (photo)

    The sun sets behind a few wispy clouds and is reflected in the swamp at Montezuma on Monday evening. Photo by Rachel Burkholder.
  • Reflections at Montezuma (photo)

    This photo was taken Friday evening at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. The clouds were just turning color and reflecting nicely in the water. Photo by Diane W. Dersch.
  • Sunset over Montezuma (photo)

    This sunset over Montezuma was taken Friday evening. The sun was sparkling on the waters as it was setting. Photo by Diane W. Dersch.
  • Looking out over the water (photo)

    This Blue Heron was sitting in the water surrounded by the beautiful cloud reflections. This was taken at sunset in Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Diane W. Dersch.