• Barge frozen in Cayuga Lake ice (photo)

    This barge is immobile, frozen in the iced over waters on the north end of Cayuga Lake as seen from Cayuga Lake State Park in Seneca Falls on Sunday. Photo by William Hecht.
  • Icebreaker barge on north end of Cayuga Lake Friday

    The icebreaker barge “Workhorse” seen in the northern Cayuga Lake ice heading south near Yawger’s Creek on Friday morning. Photo by William Hecht.
  • Super Moon rise over Cayuga obscured by clouds

    Stopped by Cayuga Lake State Park to watch the Super Moon rise on Monday evening. There was no moon rise, due to the cloud cover, just a bit of color. Still a beautiful November evening at the lake. Photo by Rachel Burkholder.
  • Great Gully on a perfect early November Tuesday

    Great Gully near Union Springs was a perfect place to enjoy some sunshine, fall colors and a walk through the woods to some waterfalls that actually have a good flow again. Taken Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Rachel Burkholder.