• FLX Politics: Why are so few staying in New York?

    This week the New York State Comptroller’s Office announced that growth is slow in upstate. Upstate is too often an afterthought. Something those downstate, including elected officials, cannot be bothered to think about – as economics continue to stall out across the …more
  • Two airlifted to Strong after crash in Stanley

    Two airlifted to Strong after crash in Stanley

    A two-car crash at the intersection of County Road 5 and Lake to Lake Road in Stanley Sunday afternoon injured four people. Two people in one vehicle were airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital, while two young women in the other car were …more
  • Belted Kingfisher on South Bristol Pond

    A female Belted Kingfisher spent Friday afternoon fishing at our pond in South Bristol. Perching on a tree branch and keeping a watchful eye on the water below, she plunged head first to catch her prey. Photo by Nancy Jacobs
  • New Mural in Downtown Canandaigua

    Several area artists contributed to this recently completed mural in Downtown Canandaigua seen here on Wednesday afternoon. Photo by Mike Sargent
  • Sonnenberg Gardens panorama on Saturday

    A very hot and dry Saturday at Sonnenberg Gardens Show & Sale of Fine Art & Crafts in Canandaigua. Photo by Lisa Duprey
  • Ruby-Throated Hummingbird in South Bristol

    Watching for interlopers in a battle for the nectar at our feeders in South Bristol, a male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird was defending his territory on Saturday afternoon. With migration on the horizon this little jewel needs to double his weight before he flies south. Photo by Nancy Jacobs