• Plenty of uncertainty remains with upcoming winter storm

    The weather could turn challenging by the time Monday and Tuesday rolls around for the Finger Lakes. While a ton of uncertainty remains with the track of a system, which will impact the region in some fashion — the likelihood of precipitation …more
  • January warm up ahead for the Finger Lakes

    Temperatures have been staying above normal all of this week, but it certainly hasn’t been terribly warm. That will change over the next few days as temperatures warm from the 30s, which is 5-10 degrees above normal, into the 50s, which is …more
  • Finger Lakes snow outlook for late January and beyond

    The weather over the next seven days does not look favorable for snow in the Finger Lakes. In fact, temperatures will only go up for most of this time period. Today, Wednesday, …more
  • Cuomo seeks to balance budget with new plans

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to retain higher taxes on the wealthy to help balance the state’s books and increase spending on schools by about $1 billion. The Democratic governor unveiled his $152.3 …more
  • Montour Falls flowing in January (photo)

    Normally the falls in downtown Montour Falls are frozen in January. The warm weather of the past week has the falls flowing and the grass green. Photo by Dennis Scannell.more