• Finger Lakes regional council lands $80.5M

    The Finger Lakes regional council was awarded $80.5 million Thursday in the state's annual competition, making it one of the top performers. Ten regions of the state were competing for economic-development funds and tax breaks through the annual competitive grant process. The …more
  • NO DEAL: Lakefront sale to Bunnell off in Geneva after City Council vote

    Four City Council members who previously supported a plan to sell 7 acres of undeveloped city-owned land adjacent to Seneca Lake Park to a developer who planned to put housing on the site had a change of heart Wednesday evening. A revised …more
  • Bald Eagle pair spotted in Waterloo Sunday

    A pair of Bald Eagles were spotted sunning themselves in Waterloo on Sunday Morning. Photo by Shelly Lannon.
  • Digging out from under 27 inches of lake effect snow in Seneca Falls

    Scott Anderson clears his family’s driveway out from under 27 inches of snow in an effort to help bring the spirit of Christmas closer on Tuesday Monday on Lake Road in Seneca Falls. Photo by Flynn Anderson.
  • Holding on during the first winter storm

    This tree was still hanging on to it’s leaves and adding some color to an otherwise bleak landscape at Sampson State Park during the lake effect snowstorm on Monday afternoon. Photo by Rachel Burkholder.
  • Snow Day in Seneca Falls

    When you open the front door and can’t get out… it’s a snow day! This is what Seneca Falls residents woke up to on Monday morning during the first snow event of the season. Photo by Shawn Hall.