• Flooding possible as thunderstorms develop on Friday

    Thunderstorms with heavy downpours, which could lead to some flash flooding is expected to develop this afternoon. Around 3 pm is when FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil says the storms will begin to fire up, which could lead to some poor drainage …more
  • SUNY trustees raise tuition on in-state students … again

    State University of New York students are going to be paying more. At least those who don’t qualify for the Governor’s new Excelsior Scholarship. The SUNY board of trustees voted on Wednesday to raise tuition 3.1 percent. It brings tuition up to …more
  • Bite of Ithaca returns for third year

    Chef John Corbin at Coltivare drops arancini containing smoked salmon into a fryer. At the same time, he grills marinated cauliflower for another dish. The tongs hit the grill with a clang …more
  • Shooting in Ithaca: Two victims hospitalized, one suspect at-large

    Police in Ithaca are investigating a shooting, which involved at least two victims during the early-morning hours of Thursday. On Thursday at approximately 1:45 am IPD officers were on a routine patrol …more
  • Dollar General coming to Enfield

    If you live in the hills west of Ithaca, your shopping options are limited. The folks behind Dollar General see that as an opening. The Broadway Group of Huntsville, Alabama will be …more